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“I have always seen innovation as a driver and a compass in my professional life. Today more than ever, with regard to the Metaverse.

For me the Metaverse is a set of three-dimensional virtual worlds that can be entered as a way to extend the physical world.

An evolution of Internet with the power of the third dimension for enhanced immersive experience and inter-personal interaction.”

“My idea of the Metaverse envisages two different channels/targets, complementary and synergistic

A Metaverse for the Corporate (BtoB) world for:


  • Creating new immersive places to host and interact with existing clients and engage with new ones
  • Creating new Marketplaces, Stores and Digital Assets
  • Developing new virtual events and entertainment formats


A Consumer Metaverse (BtoC) for:


  • Encouraging socialisation and entertainment





Our multidisciplinary team designs and develops technological and communication solutions so that brands can take advantage of digital innovations that will become the building blocks of tomorrow’s internet.


We generate new emotions through immersive interactions and innovative storytelling.

We take care of every detail in order to create new and exciting experiences.”

Vittorio Zingales


From first concept to design, production and delivery: XMetaReal has a multidisciplinary team with strong and varied skills in the areas of innovation, consulting and architecture of virtual spaces, content creation, multimedia design, technology and events.


Technological experimentation is the tool that allows us to showcase and evolve new ideas and new formats, and transform your Web3 project into reality!


With XMetaReal we wanted to travel beyond reality in various ways.

The letter X represents different facets.

     X as Xperience: the digital experience to which we are projected

     X as Xclusive: the exclusivity of our products

     X as a multiplier: indicating the extension of the associated concept

     X as the X Factor: that factor that makes the difference compared to others

     X as a variable: just as the unknown “x” can take on different values in mathematics, here it can have multiple meanings

The logo derives from the concatenation of several elements.

We begin with the letter X, created by the letters M and R after reflection and three-dimensional manipulation.

We continue with the addition of a sphere. In his book, Stephenson characterises the Metaverse as an immense black sphere, on which anyone can create anything in 3D.

Our X rests on and embraces this sphere to realise our vision.