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A great place to be.

Coming soon – XJOY, the entertainment Metaverse designed and created by XMetaReal, providing unique experiences you can enjoy with your friends and family! STAY TUNED!!


The world of the Metaverse is creating new forms of entertainment that provide unique and enjoyable experiences.


Entertainment definitely offers great potential: people spend free time in a multitude of ways, leaving scope for a potentially limitless offer.


This might include live events, sports events, concerts, theatre performances and much more.

Live metaverse events are attracting more and more interest not only from the general public, but also from leading performers, who are adopting the metaverse to create immersive virtual experiences for their fans.​


The important aspect of the Metaverse is that it satisfies people’s desire to connect with a community, to interact and to share experiences: this aspect will come to dominate the entertainment world.