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XMetaReal is seeking new creatives and Metaverse builders to imagine, design and create new virtual worlds.


Being part of XMetaReal means reinventing the future, building unique projects and helping to create innovative solutions that differentiate us from everyone else.


Explore the opportunities.

Join us to shape the future!


Metaverse Advisor & Sales


You will understand the needs of our clients and create Metaverse Business solutions.

You will be required to imagine and devise new virtual worlds that offer immersive and engaging 3D experiences. You will need experience in corporate customer management in the areas of consultancy, sales activities and project management.

Metaverse Marketing


As an innovation marketer, you will be dedicated to building immersive and engaging advertising campaigns and experiences that embrace both the physical and the digital.

You will use the power of the Metaverse to help customers test new channels. You will use storytelling to create exciting new experiences. You will organise hybrid and multichannel events.

Metaverse Project Managers


You will manage and monitor the implementation and progress of individual metaverse projects. Personality and transversal skills will make the difference.

Unity/Unreal Developers


You will create state-of-the-art virtual, augmented and interactive entertainment experiences. Games, environments, digital twins, entertainment are waiting for you – and there’s much more.

Metaverse Designers (3D Modelling & Animation)


You will design 3D environments and all associated objects and accessories that can be purchased as NFTs.

You will be able to imagine what has never been done before and construct multimedia formats scripted by content creators.

Web3 Developers


You will develop the code underlying applications and web interfaces.

In addition to basic web development skills, you will need familiarity with Blockchain and its various standards.

Metaverse Content creators  


You will create content, design formats and write scripts of formats to be developed for individual virtual spaces.


Storytelling will be the true nature of our web3 experiences.

3D Artists/ VFX Artists


You will create 3D models, animations and visual effects for the production of 3D video clips of high realistic impact.


If you are young and talented with a passion for digital, innovation and the Metaverse, this is your chance to work with creatives and designers to create something fantastic.


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We are based in Lugano (Via G. Calgari 2), but we’ll be activating positions with 100% job flexibility in any part of the world… or web! 😊